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Edward R Blake

"Premiere real estate agents in our industry know and understand that you cannot under estimate the power of driving buyers to your listings. Spot Light Home Tours is at the center of that strategy. It sets you apart from the “average”, it delights the buyer and seller, and it sells listings plain and simple!"

Dave Winters - RE/MAX Associates

"As if Spotlight wasn't already the best in the business. They just keep getting better. From the quality of video to customer service & all the tools on the back end for Realtors use. Thank you!"

Jessica Long Prudential Utah Real Estate

"One of our builders liked the night shot pictures so much he re designed all of his billboards to those of the spotlight pictures."

Linda Secrist Team Prudential Utah

"Even in this crazy industry, Spotlight Home Tours works quickly and efficiently so that we get tours taken quickly"

Ben Barrus Horizon Realty

"Impressive!! I actually caught myself saying that place is very nice! Those pictures will really help sell the place."

Tim Hutton Signature Group Real Estate

"Your tours are fabulous and I have been able to use your wonderful photography to grab the attention of buyers."

Sarah Colbert Prudential Utah Real Estate

"Spotlight goes above and beyond to give me the high level of service and skill that I expect for my clients."

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