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3D Editing &
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Spotlight takes the next step in real estate marketing by combining 3D motion effects and architectural photography. We give the home life by adding time lapse effects or zooming in on a view from within the home, among other options.

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3D Motion Effect

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With our 3D effects editing we take today’s technology and bring your listings to life in ways no other photography company has done before. Our team takes a still image and gives it captivating dimension and visual motion.

3D Motion Effect Before Before
3D Motion Effect After After

3D Zoom Effect

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Show off the views of your listings by using spotlights 3D special effects. Allowing us to zoom right in on the view from within inside the home. Directing their attention of potential buyers to the spectacular views of the property.

Zoom Through Window Before Before
Zoom Through Window After After

3D Timelapse

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Add times lapse effects to any still exterior photo creating a dramatic and eye catching motion sequence.

Cloud Timelapse Before Before
Cloud Timelapse After After

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