Real Estate Social Media Posts

As a real estate agent, social media is a powerful tool- if you do it right. A lot of realtors post about their new listings and just stick to simply that, however, there are so many different things you can post about as a real estate agent that will raise your engagement and help you find potential clients.  It’s important to keep your followers engaged and interested in your content, so only posting one type of post can get old quickly.

Don’t worry, we have the tools you need to help you construct your social media strategy that will give you results.

Post Your Listings

Posting your listings on your social media pages is a great way to get the word out. However, it’s crucial to get unique with it. The point of the post is to catch the eye of a potential buyer and if it doesn’t stand out, they will probably just keep scrolling. Instead of always doing the typical one picture and description, mix it up by using videos or adding a personalized effect. Above all, it’s important that you are highlighting a couple of things in each post.  First, it’s always good to include the location and to highlight a cool feature about the home. If you are posting a photo, ensure it is high-quality and shows what you are highlighting. For example, if you are describing the magnificent fireplace, make sure you include a good shot of the fireplace on the post.

Check out this post the Leonard Steinberg Team did:

Real Estate Social Media Post

Congratulate Your Clients Who Bought a Home

Did you help someone find their dream home? Awesome! Congratulate them on finding the home they’ve been looking for. It’s great to show on social media that you have happy, satisfied clients who are happy with their purchase. Show off that just like this excited client, you can help others find the home they are looking for too.

Industry Related Content

No one likes to sit through hours of commercials and sales pitches. If you are constantly only using self-promotion type posts on your page, your followers may get annoyed and either unfollow or not pay much attention to your page. Thanks to blogs and magazines, there are millions of free articles online that have great information or tips that relate to real estate that would make fantastic real estate social media posts. It could be anything from “How to Renovate Your Kitchen” to “Gardening Tips”. Find articles that your audience would find an interest in and post those.

These types of posts are some of the easiest posts to do. Write a sentence or two about why people should read about this article, add a couple of hashtags, and you’re good to go.

Here’s an example:

Real Estate Social Media Post

Interactive Posts

It’s always a good idea to get your audience engaged in your content. The best way to do that? Ask them a question or for their opinion on something. Fortunately, Facebook and Instagram gives you many ways that you can do this. Besides just asking for people to comment, you can create polls, or questions and answers, so it gets your users engaged in your posts and gets people talking about the topic you posted about.

This example post by The Corcoran Group is a great example of an interactive post:

Real Estate Social Media Post

Open Houses

While posting about open houses is pretty expected on social media, due to how cost-effective and easy it is, it’s important to add a little extra to catch people’s attention.

Take a look at this post for example:

Real Estate Social Media Post

While it gives you the information needed, it isn’t super attention grabbing. 

Now take a look at this post written by Mariana Pearson:

Real Estate Social Media Post

This post is a perfect example of an excellent way to grab the attention of your followers. It includes multiple pictures and bright colors to get people interested.

If you are having trouble getting people to show up to your open house, check out this article that outlines the best way to throw a successful open house.

Show the Benefits of Living in Your Area

You want to show people that they want to live in your area. Not only are you selling the home, but you are also selling the location. If it’s not a great location, it won’t matter how great the house is, people won’t want to live there. So, show your followers the many benefits of living in your area.

A realtor in Malibu, Farshad Harandi, does this perfectly:

Real Estate Social Media Post

I don’t know about you, but this post made me wish I was in Malibu.

Give an Inside Look

Show people why they should follow you! Whether you do giveaways for your followers, an inside look on the process or even a sneak peek of an upcoming property. This gives your followers the inside scoop of what’s going on and they get to see a good look about what you are up to.

Take a look at this post by The Matthews Group, for instance. They give their followers an inside look at the staging process, so they can get the full experience.

Real Estate Social Media Post

Bottom Line: No matter what you do, keep your social media pages interactive and an interesting place for users to be.

Real Estate Social Media Posts

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An open house is one of the best, proven techniques for acquiring new leads that will potentially turn into new clients. However, it can be difficult to be able to get people to actually show up. Follow these open house tips to ensure that you have a full turnout and you get that house sold in no time.

Social Media Preview

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

A good way to generate buzz about an open house is to preview the home on social media. This can give users an inside look into what to expect and can get people excited about the home. You want to be sure to reveal enough to get your followers interested in coming to see the house. You can preview the house through Facebook Live, Instagram Stories, or even a sponsored post! Get creative with it and show them why they need to see this house in person ASAP. 

Marketing is Key

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

The best way to get people at your open house? Marketing. How do you expect people to know about it if you don’t correctly market it? Social media is a great tool, but don’t stop there! You can do everything from updating the MLS listing with the open house information, door hangers on the neighbor’s door, flyers, paid ads, to colorful signs to show people that they don’t want to miss out.

Choose the Right Time for Your Area

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

It’s important to be strategic when setting up the perfect time for your open house. For example, let’s say you are trying to sell a condo in an urban area. Most of your potential clients interested in the home are full-time employees. If you choose 9-12 on a Monday morning, you aren’t as likely to get as many people as you would on a weekend. You want to find a time that is most likely to be open for as many people as possible. Do the research for your area and it will pay off big time.

Make Attendees Feel at Home

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

When you have potential clients come to an open house, you not only want to sell on the house itself but the vision of what their life would be like. If the home seems cold and unwelcoming, it won’t sell the same as a home that feels welcoming and cozy. You want your clients to feel at home and be able to see themselves living there. You can do this by baking cookies, staging the home, opening the curtains, or even putting something on the t.v. to give them the full picture of what the home could be.

Invite Neighbors

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

It’s always a good idea to invite the neighbors to your open house. While you are selling the house, you are also selling the whole experience the house will bring. That includes the community and neighbors. If you have neighbors at the event, it gives the potential home buyers the opportunity to mingle and get to know them (it could even make the sale).

Besides selling the experience to guests, one of the neighbors who attend may be looking to move but don’t want to leave their neighborhood, and this house is the perfect place for them. If all else, it will put your name on their memory in case they are getting ready to sell. 

Promote to Fellow Agents

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

When you are marketing your open house, making your fellow agents aware of the event is a smart idea. It’s very possible that they may have a client that is looking for exactly what you are showing. 

Open House Signs

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

It’s no secret that creating open house signs are a sure way to bring in traffic. But slapping an ‘Open House’ sign in the front of the home may not be enough. Typically, it’s smart to put a sign on the main road leading to the neighborhood, at the turnoff to the neighborhood, and any intersections near the home (you want to be sure they can easily find it after all). When creating the sign, ensure that not only is the correct date and time on the sign, but also YOUR information. This way even if they are unable to attend, they can see your information to contact you if they are interested.

Have Informational Packet Available

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

The more prepared you are, the better. Providing your guests with information about the neighborhood, schools, HOA, etc. is a great way to show you can provide all the answers. It’s nice to have it in a packet form so they can easily look back to it later. Ensure you put all of your information in the packet, so if they have any further questions that aren’t included they can easily contact you.

Have Extra Help

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

If a large number of people are expected to turn-out to the event, it isn’t a bad idea to have a jr. real estate agent or an assistant come to help you. You want to be sure you can talk to as many people as possible and so it would be a big help if you had someone to help you sign people in, refill drinks, etc. could be a big help! 

Hold a Giveaway or Raffle

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

It’s important to keep your guests interested and give a fun incentive for attending the event. If you do decide to host a contest or raffle at the open house, make sure you market it! Show on social media before AND after the event how exciting it’s going to be and to show how great it went. You can raffle off anything from gift cards to a home assistant, people will love it!


house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

Above all, make sure that you follow-up on your leads. The longer you leave them the more likely they are to move on with their search. If this wasn’t the perfect house for them, show them that YOU are the perfect person to find them their dream home.

house tips, house plans, realtor, real estate

real estate agent tips

So you got your real estate license and are ready to start your journey as a realtor. Congratulations! These real estate agent tips are what you need to help you be successful in the competitive industry.

First Things First: Create Business Plan

Just like any new business, it is crucial when you are first getting set up as a real estate agent you have some kind of plan in place to keep you on track and ensure you accomplish all of your goals. To create a business plan for your new business, you can start by sitting down and create a plan with realistic goals you want to achieve and set a plan on how you are going to accomplish it. 

Another big part of your business plan is coming together with a budget. How much are you going to spend on marketing each month? Or new technology? 

Putting this plan together is the first step in staying organized and having a successful real estate business.

Find a Mentor

When you are first starting out, it might be difficult for you to know exactly where to begin and what to not do- that’s why having a mentor can be so beneficial. A mentor can lead you and give you advice from someone who has been in your shoes. They can give you an inside scoop on exactly will NOT work and what will, so you can avoid making mistakes that could be damaging to your business. 

Constantly Be Educating Yourself

The most successful real estate agents take the time to be constantly learning and educating themselves about their industry. When you have clients with you, you want to be sure that you show you are an expert in your field and can easily answer all of their questions. 

There are so many options of things you can do to stay educated and updated. Industry books, podcasts, blogs, social media groups, networking events, etc. are great ways to get started! 

This article will give you a list of the top real estate podcasts to try.

A good tip: listen on your way to work! It’s a good way to get you in the zone and ready for the day.

Create An Easy To Use Website

A great way to find potential clients and market your brand is through a website. Having a website is a fast and easy way for people to see who you really are as a real estate agent and what you have to offer. Spending the time to create an innovative, easy-to-use website is worth the time and money it takes. 

Create Partnerships

Partnerships are a great way to bring in business. It’s smart to partner with moving companies and loan officers so they can recommend you to others and you can bring in new clients. Being able to provide some form of discount or deal to your clients will be a big motivator to work with you!

Up Your Social Media Game

Social media is a fast and easy way to connect with people all over. There are over 1 billion active users on Facebook, 800 million on Instagram, and 330 million on twitter- use this to your advantage. Connect with people in your area and show them who you are and what you can do for them! 

Want to take your social media game to a whole new level? Check out the Social Compass. Social Compass gives you the ability to post third-party articles that lead your followers back to your website. When you post an article through the Social Compass, it puts the header of your website on the article, so your followers are constantly reminded of who you are and what you do.

Promote Your Strengths

What is different about you compared to other real estate agents? What do you have to offer that other real estate agents don’t? 

Once you have outlined what you have to offer and what makes you a great realtor, use that as your biggest selling point.

Automated Marketing

As a real estate agent, you should be fully focused on sales and selling houses. However, marketing should be a high priority for your business. The more professional your marketing looks, the better chances you have for it to catch the eye of potential clients, so you want to be sure it is done thoroughly. Because you don’t have time to do full-time marketing and sales, it is smart to automate your marketing and/or hire an outside agency to assist you. 

If you are interested in someone doing your marketing for you, check out our Spotlight Concierge program. This program is not only extremely affordable, but we will do everything for you including Google ads, social media management, email campaigns, mobile app marketing, and more!

Work With a Professional Photographer

The internet makes it easier than ever for it to look at homes online. Low quality photos that were taken off a cell phone not only gives an unprofessional impression, but it also makes it difficult to decide if the home is even worth looking at. Using a professional photographer to shoot the home is a great way to get high-quality pictures and attract a buyer. 

Having a hard time finding a professional photographer that shoots high-quality virtual tours? We have photography partners all over the country who create top-of-the-line home tours. 

Put in the Work and You Will Get Results

“Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.”

Just like anything in life, if you put in the effort you will see results. Starting off as a real estate agent can be frustrating in the beginning, but you can do it! It’s all about consistency and putting in the time. You got this!

Want To Learn More About Us?

We are a real estate media agency based in Salt Lake City, UT and are looking to expand to different cities all over the country. We have been working for over 15 years to bring top-of-the-line photography and videography to real estate agents as well as social media marketing.

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Stylish and extensive renovation in 2006 updated this classic Deer Valley home to today’s standard of taste and luxury. One of only five homes designed and built by Edgar Stern, the founder and developer of the Deer Valley Resort, this property offers the ambiance and quality for which Deer Valley is widely recognized. Treed .69 acre site provides privacy yet is within easy walking distance to the shops and restaurants in Silver Lake Village and Stein Eriksen Lodge. Easy ski access is provided by a nearby neighborhood trail maintained by Deer Valley. Views stretch from Jupiter Peak to the town lights of Park City. Excellent floor plan offers spacious great room, generous outdoor living area and master suite on the main level. Four guest suites and family room enjoy the privacy of their own level with access to large outdoor deck and hot tub. Upper level study provides quiet getaway or opportunity for sixth bedroom. Finishes throughout the home have been designed to express the ultimate in elegant mountain craftsmanship. A massive rock fireplace and wide plank hickory floor set a welcoming tone in the great room. The entertainer’s kitchen offers a wine cooler and icemaker in addition to full complement of Wolf and Subzero appliances. Extensive built-in cabinetry is provided throughout the home to allow easy organization. The finishes and location of this home combine to create a most desirable mountain home.


Photographer: Michael Walton    Editor: Kari Ann Haskell


A one of a kind custom home with superb craftsmanship and quality. A Frank Lloyd Wright design with unobstructed views of the lake, valley, and magnificent mountains!
























































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