Now a days social media sites are considered a search engine by a majority of people, Youtube.com being the #2 search engine last year. Keeping your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts updated is a great way to find and keep new clients. The good news is that Real Estate Professionals are among the best of the best when it come to utilizing online social sites! I found this AMAZING info-graphic that explains just how much Real Estate Professionals are staying on top of the market online.

79% of professionals have a Facebook page

55% are very comfortable using online media

and there is approximately 10% more Real Estate Agents online then any other professionals.


The CRAZIEST statistic I found was that 73% of homeowners say they would be MORE likely to list with a real estate agent that offers, and is willing to do, videos.
Time to set up a Youtube account!
We, at Spotlight Home Tours, understand this need which is why we have been doing cinematic videos since 2004!! Talk about experience. We know it is not only important to capture the movement of a video tour, but also feature the lifestyle of the home!

Homeowners also understand the importance. They know how amazing their house is going to show in the HUGE database of available houses on the web if there is a way for people to “walk through it” without requiring them to put clothes on!  It’s all about convenience!!! It is so much easier for a couple to look at a house if it is listed online with a professionally made video, or virtual tour. Aside from the obvious advantage of letting someone see the details of the house without the hassle scheduling a viewing, it’s more important that they can start imagining their family living there before they step foot in the actual house.



Interested in adding videos to your marketing strategy this summer??
You can visit spotlighthometours.com and visit our “Cinematic Video” tab, or check out our featured videos on our Facebook page!!!
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