FAQ: “How do I send the tour to my homeowners?”

A lot of the time you get the tour and it looks so great you can’t wait to show your homeowner, or you want to make sure the tour is exactly what your homeowner wants…

Sending tours to homeowners, friends, and even other agents is easy!

1.  Login to your spotlighthometours.com account (having a hard time remembering your password? click here)

2. On your home page there will be an icon on the right side of your address that says “share”.

3. Choose the option you want:


The link is available to copy and paste anywhere

You can even share it on your social media sites!

Looking for an unbranded link for MLS?? Click “more links here” and it will give you TONS of options to choose from….

Have any questions?  Contact us here! 

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