Introducing Our Brand New Tour Window!


The new tour window doesn’t just look better, there are a lot of new features designed to showcase the unique details of your listing.

View The Demo Here!

Navigate The Home Easier

Highlight unique features of the home by creating individually named slideshows. Showcase the million dollar views of a home by creating a label named “Views” or take advantage of other labels; “Tennis Court”, “On the Golf Course”, “5 Car Garage”, or even “Wine Room”!

A True Full Screen View

Take full advantage of Spotlight’s excellent photography with the new full screen option, while in full screen mode don’t forget to easily navigate through the photos with the Gallery View.

Scroll Through Photos with a Touch of a Button

While in any view, slideshow or gallery view, you can now quickly view each photo by using your arrow keys to scroll left and right.

Now, Many Different Options to View Photos

Use the gallery view to easily navigate room by room, or keep it simple; hover over the photos to select the basic slide show option, sit back as the tour window automatically scrolls through all the photos.

Share More Often, and Easier!

Share easier with the enhanced social sharing icons, now with over 20 options including Pinterest, Digg.com, Linkedin, Tumblr, StumbleUpon, and WordPress.

Video Drop Down Menu

Instead of a video tab on the bottom of the tour window, use the drop down menu to watch the videos. Click to view the Walk Thru, Kitchen, Great Room, Master Suite, or Exterior motion scenes.

Better Designed Tools!

Use the tools icon, underneath the description, to view helpful resources to prospective home buyers; Mortgage Calculator, Nearby Schools, view the location in Google Maps, and even print a simple brochure straight from the tour window.

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Unparalleled beachfront estate at Anini Beach on Kauai’s north shore. Situated on a 1.29-acre lot, with over 400 feet of white sand beach frontage, this architectural masterpiece encompasses superior construction and elegant design like few houses in the entire state of Hawaii.

Photographer: Lance May                             Editor: Kari Ann Haskell



Every good realtor knows the buyers are not only interested on finding a house that fits their requirements but people are putting more and mote emphasis on WHERE their dream home is located in.  With so many people finding their homes through online search engines, isn’t it a no brainer to have a way to immediately see what an area is like, without having to physically visit. I’ll be honest, when looking for my last place to live I spent hours on google maps looking for how close I would be to a coffee shop, could I run to the gym, and how long it would take me to get to work. When I would find a possibility I would use the “street view” and make sure the area was up to my standards.

Block Avenue takes virtual scoping out a neighborhood to another level– they actually them a grade. Now its not nearly that simple, they have divided up the US into 1.89 billion squares, and run each square through an algorithm taking into account public transit, car-sharing, or bike-sharing locations; recent crimes and sex offenders who live in that block; amenities like gyms, parks, dry cleaners, grocery stores, and restaurants; and schools, and out comes a grade A-F.

It also lets locals write reviews of the blocks they frequent, and they can decide wether certain stores, restaurants, or points of interest make the neighborhood “better”, or “worse” which will be taken into account when deciding the grade of an area. Ready for some controversy? They are also looking at overlaying the data from the US Census; race, income, average age, and ethnicity onto their maps to help determine the “most accurate” grade.

Now it seems like a GREAT idea for people looking to relocate to a new area, but what about the people that already live in certain neighborhoods  Nobody is going to be happy that their house is located on a C- street. I wonder if that is going to come into play when estimating home values, which is going to effect how agents market certain houses from now on.

Tony Longo, the founder of Block Avenue and former founder of CondoDomain, says “We will have a very careful eye on real estate agents, developers, and property managers,”  They are going to give Agents a place to write their own reviews about the neighborhood, to keep them from pretending they are a local and writing “gushy reviews about the areas they represent”

Interesting, what are your thoughts?


Now a days social media sites are considered a search engine by a majority of people, Youtube.com being the #2 search engine last year. Keeping your Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube accounts updated is a great way to find and keep new clients. The good news is that Real Estate Professionals are among the best of the best when it come to utilizing online social sites! I found this AMAZING info-graphic that explains just how much Real Estate Professionals are staying on top of the market online.

79% of professionals have a Facebook page

55% are very comfortable using online media

and there is approximately 10% more Real Estate Agents online then any other professionals.


The CRAZIEST statistic I found was that 73% of homeowners say they would be MORE likely to list with a real estate agent that offers, and is willing to do, videos.
Time to set up a Youtube account!
We, at Spotlight Home Tours, understand this need which is why we have been doing cinematic videos since 2004!! Talk about experience. We know it is not only important to capture the movement of a video tour, but also feature the lifestyle of the home!

Homeowners also understand the importance. They know how amazing their house is going to show in the HUGE database of available houses on the web if there is a way for people to “walk through it” without requiring them to put clothes on!  It’s all about convenience!!! It is so much easier for a couple to look at a house if it is listed online with a professionally made video, or virtual tour. Aside from the obvious advantage of letting someone see the details of the house without the hassle scheduling a viewing, it’s more important that they can start imagining their family living there before they step foot in the actual house.



Interested in adding videos to your marketing strategy this summer??
You can visit spotlighthometours.com and visit our “Cinematic Video” tab, or check out our featured videos on our Facebook page!!!
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A lot of the time you get the tour and it looks so great you can’t wait to show your homeowner, or you want to make sure the tour is EXACTLY what your homeowner wants…


Sending tours to homeowners, friends, and even other agents is SUPER easy!

1.              to your Spotlighthometours.com account (having a hard time remembering your password? click here)


2. On your home page there will be an icon on the right side of your address that says “share”.



3. Choose the option you want:







Just copy and paste the link ANYWHERE!



You can even share it on your social media sites!



Looking for an unbranded link for MLS?? Click “more links here” and it will give you TONS of options to choose from….



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Welcome to our new site!

Spotlight Home Tours launched their new web site today. The new web site features an easy to use advanced search, high quality virtual home tour demos, a tour suggestion tool and much more! Spotlight’s new site also makes it easy to find product information and pricing based on location (property zip code). Spending time on Spotlight’s new web site can be fun and informative. With several contact methods and live chat Spotlight’s new site makes it easy to get a hold of one of Spotlight Home Tours representatives. Also with the new Spotlight web site brokerages can easily request information on special broker products and pricing by filling out the new quick and easy brokerage questionnaire form.

Please check out the new site and let us know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment here or send us an email using the contact form on our new site.


Happy Holidays from Spotlight Home Virtual Tours. What a great time of year to showcase your listing with the quality of a professionally shot Twilight Virtual Tour.