Why Is IDX Important and How Does It Help Your Website?

To manage listings in real estate websites, IDX plays a huge role. Standing for Internet Data Exchange, IDX is how the MLS shares listing data among its members. IDX takes all active listings and shares them between MLS members, then displays them on the websites of agents and brokers. 

IDX was created to ensure that MLS members have equal information to all listings in the suite’s service. Policies are put in place to make sure no one has any unfair advantage and listings are available to all participants. 

However, while the listings might be fair game, it’s important to know that not every IDX website is created equal. Site functionality can make or break capturing a lead, determining whether business comes to your listing versus competitors. 

What’s the Importance of an IDX Website?

For many agents, the purpose of their website is to generate leads. For this reason, effective lead campaigns rely on creating targeted content for your audience. When determining who your audience is, look at whether they are homebuyers or sellers. Homebuyers are simply going to be on the search for listings, while potential sellers are often going to check out the competition for their home. However, since sellers can be buyers too, an IDX home search feed can generate leads back to your site and help them find the listings they’re looking for.

What do the Best IDX Websites Have?

Now that you know the importance of an IDX website, this article from Market Leader gives some great tips into what your IDX website should have:

  1. Easy navigation — include search filters to help users find listings that meet their criteria. The more user-friendly the site is, the more likely users will stay and find what they want, versus leaving the site and finding the listings somewhere else.
  2. Lead capture — to capture IDX MLS leads, make sure your website has an optimized lead capture system. Something as simple as signing up for alerts, an email list, or special offers can gather viewers attention. 
  3. Add a call-to-action — make it clear for viewers to know how using your service or website benefits them. A call-to-action encourages viewers to take initiative on your site, instead of just viewing it. A prompt as simple as, “sign up now” with the promise of granting them insider information, the ability to save listings, or receiving complete access to listings can be the jumpstart to a new client.
  4. Encourage return visits — Automated listing alerts keep you relevant in the mind of new leads, and brings them back to your site. This return visit can be a key step on the path from lead to customer. 
  5. Have an integrated CRM — A Customer Relationship Management software will keep track of what viewers are doing on your site and how to communicate with them, allowing you to better prioritize your most effective leads and keep them updated for when they’re ready to transact.

Don’t have a website, but love the idea of capturing more leads? Spotlight Media Group can create an IDX website for you, taking the work off your shoulders by creating an efficient and user-friendly site. Reach out to learn more. 

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