• No setup fees
  • No install
  • Unlimited virtual tours
  • Statistics and tracking
  • Customize your colors
  • Choose your music

Why DIY?

With the DIY program you can:
  1. Build all the virtual home tours you can handle with the unlimited 4 step (10 minutes or less) DIY virtual tour builder.
  2. Generate custom tour statistic reports.
  3. Schedule daily, weekly or monthly tour statistics report emails.
  4. Share your virtual home tours through social networks and email.
  5. Create custom flyers/brochures for all your virtual tours.
  6. Upload and manage up to 50 photos per tour.
  7. Create and customize unlimited video slide shows per tour.
  8. Easily manage all your tours with our user friendly control panel
  9. Download all your tour photos at any time (multiple sizes available).
  10. All tours have a special tour viewer just for mobile devices such as Iphones, Androids, and tablets (Ipads etc.).

14 Day Free Trial


Spotlights DIY is only $29.99 a month for Unlimited Motion Photo Tours. For custom brokerage pricing please call us at:

We also offer high quality professional photo shoots and editing in supported areas for only $49.00 (look for the express pro tour when ordering a new tour). Our professional photo editors will upload your photos when ready. All you have to do is build the tour and choose the music.

14 Day Free Trial


  1. Do I need to download any software?
    • No - Spotlights DIY tour creator is all online and can be accessed from any computer with an Internet connect.
  2. Are there any setup fee’s
    • No - There is no set up fee associated with our DIY tours
  3. What is the minimum size for Images to upload
    • Images should be at least 800 pixels wide
  4. Is there a maximum size I can upload
    • The largest size image our system will allow is 5mb.
  5. How long do my tours stay active
    • Tours are active as long as your account is active.
  6. How many photos can I upload for each tour?
    • Each tour is allowed 50 images but extra images can be purchased for $3 an image.
  7. Can I add my tours to the MLS?
    • Yes - Each tour comes with a Branded and Non Branded tour link.
  8. Can you post my tour to Realtor.com
    • Yes - during the order process just select Realtor.com and we will post it for you after the tour has been created.
  9. Are your tours available on mobile devices.
    • Yes - Spotlight has created special tour viewers just for mobile devices such as Iphones, Androids, and tablets such as Ipads.
  10. Can I add my photo and logo to the tours?
    • Yes - You can add your profile photo directly within your account. To add your company logo all you need to do is send the file to Spotlights Support team and we can add it for you.
  11. Do you offer 360 tours
    • No - Spotlight uses the Dynamic Tour builder to create Slide shows that will give the end user a non distorted view of the each room.
  12. Do you offer professional photography
    • Yes - Spotlight specializes in Architectural photography. We currently have a large network of photographers in many states. If we do not have a photographer in your area let us know and we will find a professional in your market.

14 Day Free Trial
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